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The finest linens for a well-appointed home.

Luxury starts here. Follow our guide to getting the most out of your linens, for the perfectly polished look.


Revitalise your linens with these steps:

Pre-wash all linens before use, and separate by fibre, colour and item. Make sure the items are unfolded and avoid overloading the machine to prevent breaking long fibres.

For cotton, pure linen or a cotton/linen blend, select a cold or warm water setting, using a gentle liquid detergent. For bath items, machine wash on a medium setting. When the wash cycle is completed, remove linens immediately. View the product label for product-specific care instructions.

Delicate fibres, such as silk, wool, and cashmere, are best suited for professional dry cleaning for lasting softness and quality.


Maintain the softness of your linens with these steps:

Line drying your linens in the fresh outdoor air is the best way to leave them nearly wrinkle-free. For coloured fibres and whites do not place them in direct sunlight as this may cause discolouring.

When machine drying, set your dryer at the proper setting, avoiding high temperatures.

Remove your linens promptly from the dryer before completely drying, then gently lay flat ready to iron. For wool and delicate items, lay them on a drying rack to prevent overstretching.


Achieve a perfectly polished look with these steps:

After washing your linens, use a steam iron set at the proper temperature, as indicated by the symbols on the care label. Fabric when slightly damp takes to ironing more effortlessly so use a filtered water spritzer as required.

For ease of movement place the ironing board next to the bed so that you can drape the sheet on the bed as you iron. For linens that are embroidered, ironing on the reverse side is recommended to protect the embroidery.

To provide the best care for your linens when ironing avoid using spray starch, which has the tendency to adhere to the surface of the iron.


Maintain the luxury feel of your linens with these steps:

Store linens folded on a flat surface in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area so that the natural fibres can breathe. If shelves are wooden, linen them with tissue paper to avoid damage to the linens.

Make sure stored linens are not placed in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading. For table linens, ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time.

Store your linens with a scented sachet for a crisp clean scent to create a luxury experience with every use.

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