Paros White/ Black stitch

Paros White/ Black stitch

Moss River

Moss River's Paros Towels and Robes are cut from 100% Eguptian cotton micro-honeycomb woven and finished in Portugal . They're light weight, super absorbent and they're stone washed to produce a super soft handle. Paros Towels co-ordinate with Paros Robes.

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Satin-Stitch Edging
100% Egyptian Honeycomb Cotton
Made in Portugal

Face Washer : 30x30cm
Hand Towel: 45 x 65 cm
Bath Mat : 50 x 80cm
Bath Towel : 70 x 140cm
Bath Sheet : 100 x 150 cm
Guest Towel : 30 x 50 cm
Bath Runner : 60 x 100cm

The MOSS RIVER Paros Towels are made from 100% Egyptian cotton honeycomb and stone-washed for a soft and absorbent result. They are light-weight, super-absorbent and dry quickly, a perfect option for the heat of summer. Made in Portugal, a country that knows hot summers and understands the need for comfort. Co-ordinate with Paros Robes.