Ultimate Luxury Quilt - Four Seasons pure polish duck down and feather

Ultimate Luxury Quilt - Four Seasons pure polish duck down and feather

Moss River

Our Moss River Quilts are produced using the highest grades of European feathers and downs. They are lightweight and lofty, and combine modern technology with beautiful craftmanship.

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2 separate layers attached with snap buttons
Layer 1: 290g
Layer 2: 470g
Layer 1: 370g
Layer 2: 670g
Layer 1: 440g
Layer 2: 700g
Layer 1: 510g
Layer 2: 810g
Super King
Layer 1: 660g
Layer 2: 1050g

Produced in Poland
70%/30% Duck Down/Feather
Registered Quality Control
Audited Sanitation Processes
No use of Pesticides, Formaldehyde or Carcinogenic substances
No plucking of Live Birds
Suitable for people who suffer allergies
Traceably produced
Machine wash 60 degrees Celcius
Do not bleach
Tumble dry low heat
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

Our Moss River pure, light weight, Feather Down Quilts are available in a variety of warmths and sizes. They’re made in Poland with guaranteed quality control, no pesticides or formaldehyde, no plucking of live birds, and are suitable for those who suffer allergies.

Four accredited testing and auditing organisations certified our products:


IDFL Laboratory and Institute

Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center

WESSLING GmbH – Downpass Down and Feathers, audited and tested, Traceability and Quality