Elevate Your Sleep: Creating a Hotel-Quality Bed at Home

Transform your nightly rest into a luxurious escape with our guide on creating a hotel-quality bed at home. 
From selecting the perfect mattress protector and high-thread-count sheets to arranging plush pillows and cosy throws, we'll show you how to elevate every aspect of your sleep environment.

Discover tips and tricks to ensure that every bedtime feels like a six-star experience, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.



Sinking into a hotel bed is one of life’s great pleasures, but it doesn’t have to be an occasional treat. In fact, it’s never been easier to create the kind of luxurious bed you’d find in a top-end establishment. Here’s how.


  1. Become a sheet connoisseur

As a general rule, hotel bed linen consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet (put upside down on the bed so that the turndown reveals the trim), pillows, a duvet and, often, a lightweight blanket or bedspread. Each of these components enables guests to regulate their temperature while feeling snug and cosy.

Tucking sheets into sharp ‘hospital corners’ (there are myriad online tutorials) also gives a clean line to bed linen – not to mention that comforting, cocooned feeling when you slide your feet to the bottom of the bed.


  1. Know your thread counts

The science of thread counts is more complex than you’d think (you can read more about it here), but as a general rule, a 600-1,000 thread count means a denser, smoother weave. That’s why hotel sheets feel both sleek and substantial.

They’re also often made of Egyptian cotton, which contains longer fibres that produce softer and more durable sheets, such as those in our Milano collection (its tailored Oxford borders and double-row satin stitch detail are very hotel-luxe, too).


  1. Invest in a down duvet

The best hotel duvets are lightweight and lofty, meaning they plump up appealingly and feel airy, yet warm. Duvets that contain a mix of down and feather, such as our Ultimate Luxury Quilt, are a great choice for the Australian climate, and they’ll last a long time, particularly with the right care. (Ours are machine washable and sustainably produced.)


  1. Add a bedspread

Bedcovers are common in Europe and they’re increasingly used in hotels here to add elegance and subtle texture to a bed. Look for a gentle geometric design in our Marcella range for a more minimalist feel, or go bold with a touch of Baroque.


  1. Plump it up

Most high-end hotels now offer a pillow menu, so you can choose the firmness and filling you prefer. Apply the same discernment to your own pillows and you’ll be well on the way to an improved night’s sleep.

Our Ultimate Luxury soft pillow is filled with 100 per cent virgin white down to give a truly cloud-like feeling, while the medium version is 20 per cent feather, for additional firmness. (The firm pillow contains a 30/70 feather and down split.) And don’t forget the smaller breakfast pillow, which is a staple of hotel beds and provides extra support as well as an undeniable touch of style.


  1. Go neutral

One of the most calming elements of a hotel bedroom is often its neutral colour scheme, designed to calm the mood of the most irritable guest. Creating a similar atmosphere at home means choosing classic white or neutral linen. Small details also matter. We love the crisp refinement of the Buckingham range, with its Oxford trim and five-row, satin stitch detail on pillows, flat sheet and quilt cover.


  1. And finally…

Build your own beautiful bedtime ritual. Find a signature scent for your bedroom that has restful associations (such as Vila Hermanos’ vanilla and patchouli); light an aromatic Ortigia candle; slip on one of our luxurious bathrobes… and relax.


Make every bedtime a six-star experience. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional team. They are ready to assist you with expert tips on how to perfectly layer a bed for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.



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