Hugo’s feeling lovelorn…


Ah, l’amour. Love is in the air for your faithful correspondent – and so too is my nose, attempting to sniff out my master’s newest hiding place for treats. He’s gone and cut me off, you see, in an attempt to whittle my Christmas-plumped waistline. The loss of treats aside, I can’t say I mind terribly, because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there’s a newcomer at the dog park I’m keen to impress.

Emily is a sparky West Highland terrier and I long to see her coal-black eyes cast in my direction. Alas, her attention thus far has not been on me, but rather the butterflies in the park and the treats in her mistress’ bum bag (a pup after my own heart!)

Nevertheless, I am determined to continue my new year’s self-improvement streak so that I’m looking and feeling my very best come Valentine’s Day. I’ve been sticking to my low-carb diet (not a stretch for this protein lover), enjoying an ocean dip now the weather has warmed up – and getting excellent use out of the towel my dear master gave me for Christmas. Oh, and upping my post-prandial exercise -– even breaking into a canter for some high intensity interval training I’m told makes all the difference. 

And on the day itself? Well, I have a few ideas up my sleeve. A polite bottom sniff to get acquainted, and then a romantic gift – perhaps these divine dolcetti or this double-faced virgin wool blanket we could snuggle up in together… but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. After all, I’m not the only dog in the park, and I’ve seen the way Alfie the spoodle looks at her; I may have a rival. Stay tuned!