Hugo Here!

You may recognise me as the dapper dachshund in Polite Society’s logo (yes, that’s me in the jaunty yellow sweater).


Until recently, my position had been purely decorative, but my owners have decided I should play a more significant role in the Polite Society brand. As such, I’m charged with producing blog posts, pithy observations, social commentary and the like. Nothing too political because, as we all know, politics has no place in polite conversation. 

Personally, I’ve always preferred to fly under the radar, which is easy when you’re only 50 centimetres from the floor. You’d be amazed by the fine morsels of gossip that fall from a dinner table. The more elegant the setting, the more interesting the titbits. Ridolfo napery and a range of glassware are surefire signs of juicy secrets in store.

Not that I’d ever divulge what I hear.

Although… for the right treat, I might be persuaded. 

Speaking of secrets, I should probably share a little about myself. I was born in Bowral to a couple of elegant hounds and chosen by my owners for my intelligence and breeding. Since then, I’ve accompanied them everywhere, from Sydney’s smartest restaurants to Sicilian scouting trips (they for the stylish homewares, me for the delicious sausage). We’ve shared many adventures and many meals, most of them well above average.

I adore a long lunch at Mimi’s in Sydney, and when in Melbourne, dinner at Gimlet where the attentive staff make sure my water bowl is regularly refreshed. At the weekend, I love nothing more than a trot round a Surry Hills gallery or a trip to the latest blockbuster exhibition at the MCA (my tastes tend to the modern, but I have a soft spot for Old Masters, particularly if they contain a fellow hound).

And my favourite way to end the day? A snifter of warm water and bedding down in crisp, linen sheets (of course!).

Until next time, 

H xx