Hugo's Last-Minute Panic Shop


 Every year I vow to be the dog who finishes his Christmas shopping in November – and every year, I get so caught up in the social whirl that gifts completely slip my mind.

Luckily, I can find everything I need this year on our Polite Society website or in one of our stores. Here’s what I’m thinking so far…


Messina Collection
     For my owner (and me – it looks so comfy)
Torcello Throw Rug
Pure wool for my other owner so I can cuddle up closer


Ultimate Luxury Quilt 
My friend James-the-fox-terrier just loves goose-feather quilts


Ortigia Dolcetti in Tin 
My ex-amour, Betsey, has a rather sweet tooth


Kenzo Beach Towel 
I’m educating my nephew on sartorial matters and these beach towels are chic


Ortigia Scarf
My owner’s aunt Julie is always cold!

Ortigia City Boxes
My owner’s friend Dan is forever washing my mate Toby after our forays in the park

Paros Bathrobe
A peace offering for our neighbour (I may have dug under her fence)


Ortigia Velvet Pochette
For the lady across the road who feeds me (too many) treats
D.R Harris - Arlington Collection
Aftershave for my groomer who always performs miracles

Men's Handkerchiefs
Handkerchiefs for the postman – because I've given him hell this year